If you’re new to playing online slots games, you’ve probably heard of Fei Cui Zhu, also known as Feiyue Gui Shi. This Chinese operated slot machine is becoming quite popular not only in Asia, but all over the world. The story goes that it was created by a group of students who were studying mathematics and logic at college in Beijing. The students created this game for an exam and they won first place for their effort. Ever since then, the game has become quite a hit and is now used in casino games all over the world.


The basic concept of the game is that there are a lot of symbols on the screen which change in position based on your luck. These symbols are called “paying symbols” and are usually based on Chinese astrology, foreign cultures, numbers, animals, and other things related to Chinese culture. The screen is divided into nine sections and these include the following: reward, next payouts, total, power, symbols, non-paying symbols, and losing symbols. These nine sections of the screen are then colored in blue and your goal is to accumulate the most combinations by clicking on the symbols that will increase in power, while simultaneously increasing the amount of money you are paying to play. The goal you set for yourself is to get to the winning symbols and win the jackpot!


So how does this fun little game work? For those not familiar with the workings of a slot machine, Feiyue Gui is a combination of strategy and chance. In order to get the best luck and maximize your chances at hitting a jackpot, you have to carefully consider and incorporate some of the following into your strategy. One of these is called the “bait” and this is what you use to attract more players to your slot machine. The bait is a special type of slot machine that randomly displays a jackpot progressive, and as you approach it from behind, a variety of different symbols will appear.

When you approach the machine, all of the sudden, four progressive jackpots will suddenly appear. Your chances of getting the progressive symbols are very slim, so your best bet is to wait and see what happens. There are some people who choose to double their money by playing the “Chinese wheel” – which is basically a type of slot machine that displays a random pattern of characters that changes every time you switch it on. If you choose this option, make sure to set a maximum investment limit before you start playing. Although the “wheel” is a popular choice among slot players, it is not the best strategy. The best way to beat the odds is to play a lot with the same set of characters, since you can change them anytime you like!

Another thing that these machines have that sets them apart from traditional slot machines in casinos is their unique sound system. The chime sounds are made using a traditional Japanese rice wine toll music and are incredibly catchy. They can easily be mistaken for authentic Chinese music made for playing a traditional game of mandarin, as there are certain notes that do seem similar. However, this is not what actually makes the song more enticing. The real musical genius behind the background music is the fact that it plays a variation of a particular traditional Chinese opera. All of these unique elements combine to give thefei cui gong zhu an unparalleled authenticity, making them one of the most exciting slot machines in any casino.

Aside from the four progressive jackpots that come with each of these two machines, there are a few other features that help make playing these machines more fun than traditional slots. The two machines offer simultaneous play, meaning that you can play more than one game at once without the chance of missing out on the bonus rounds. They also have bonus symbols, which help give players an extra incentive to play more, as well as the “red light” symbol that acts as an immediate indicator when the bonus rounds are about to begin, as well as the ability to flip back through previous bonus symbols to see what they are. This active payline is what sets these two machines apart, allowing you to maximize your winnings while maximizing your enjoyment of playing these machines.

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