Jester Spins is one of the hottest online casino games. With its easy-to-learn theme and colorful graphics, players just can’t resist playing this. It has tiny screens at the top of the playing screen usually used to show the big winnings and the lower payouts. This isn’t your ordinary type of online casino game so better take full advantage of playing it with free money. Play Jester Spins for cash using your credit card by depositing into your account.


The normal graphics for Jester Spins include a red “J” with two vertical lines, a skull in the center with two circles, a wand with a crown, and a number of small fruit slots below it. To spice up the gameplay, there are a lot of different icons that flash when the player lands on a jackpot. There are also a few sound effects that also precede each spin. One of them is the clicking sound of a slot machine. Aside from the graphical designs, this is one of the games that offers great challenge for those who are well-versed in gaming.


There are two types of play in this online slot game. One is the regular version which you can play for one hour straight and the other is the rotation of jackpots where you can land three symbols for one spin. In the regular version of Jester Spins, the jackpots are bigger and you can get more rewards. The rotate version allows you to place three symbols for a maximum of ten in a single spinning period.

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