Play N Go has pulled together a eclectic mix of famous landmarks around the globe and mixed them with an erratic round of multi-player free for all games that makes use of a powerful progressive multiplier. On the face of it, New Year Riches looks like a fairly simple game, initially starting out with a 5×3, twenty-limit line designed in a 1920s Art Deco style. You have two teams – one making moves at the other – and you are trying to earn as much money as possible. The action is entirely random, the controls are simple and responsive, and the graphics are fairly simple but engaging. In my opinion though, New Year Rices is a lot more enjoyable.


Unlike many other similar games, New Year Rices features both real money slots and free spins feature, meaning that there is always a great opportunity for you to get a feel for the game. Each game offers entirely separate objectives depending on whether you are playing for money or points. Some games require you to hit certain icons in order to gain credits whilst others award you with real money when a certain amount of hits are made. Regardless of the objectives however, you will almost certainly find that the action is fluid, the action never stalls and is always exciting, the graphics are bright and clean, and the overall layout of the game is highly intuitive. From start to finish, playing for any length of time feels like a genuinely satisfying experience.


When I say no real money is involved, what I mean is that the bonuses that New Year Riches offer are entirely separate from its actual payout, so you won’t see any cash added to your account when playing. This, for me, makes this a much more passive game than the vast majority of slots that involve winning cash and either withdrawing it or getting gift vouchers. In terms of what you can do with the credits you earn, they are completely non-linearly available. You can buy powerups and gifts, buy tickets for spins, and even withdraw your winnings; but the bulk of the earning in New Years is in the no-money part of the bonus system.

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