Jester spins

Jester Spins is one of the hottest online casino games. With its easy-to-learn theme and colorful graphics, players just can’t resist playing this. It has tiny screens at the top of the playing screen usually used to show the big winnings and the lower payouts. This isn’t your ordinary type

Golden cryptex

Golden Cryptex is a new online casino game which claims to let you win $1.525 for every spin you make. The first question that comes to mind is that how does it claim to let you win such huge amount in such a short amount of time? It may sound

Wild circus

With their latest kid on the block Wild Circus, youngsters will surely be impressed with their unique slot machine. This 5-reel, four rows, and forty-five paylines machine sure is a wonderful game loaded with excitement and wining possibilities. The full screen display is milky in color and filled with various

Lucky halloween

Are you ready for a lucky Halloween? This year there are a number of unique ways you can play the popular casino game: Lucky Halloween. Each player is dealt a ten-card deck and is then told that they are going to play a “Lucky Halloween” game. Before the players can

Win escalator

Win Escalator is a new theme based slot machine that comes from Cryptic Studios. The theme includes a beautiful casino type image with a classic fairytale theme. The theme is very nice and it would look great in any casino type environment. Win Escalator’s website is very nice and it

Golden temple

Golden temple is a classic slot machine that has been in operation since 1965. Considered by many to be one of the best-loved and most enjoyable machines of its time, this location in Las Vegas has become one of the favored go-to sites by slot players from all over the