With their latest kid on the block Wild Circus, youngsters will surely be impressed with their unique slot machine. This 5-reel, four rows, and forty-five paylines machine sure is a wonderful game loaded with excitement and wining possibilities. The full screen display is milky in color and filled with various symbols. Some symbols might include an animal or a clown; while others may resemble money, tickets, or even different icons from around the world.


Of course, you might be wondering how this Wild Circus slots machine comes out on top among the other slot machines in the market. Aside from being the latest and greatest, this colorful baby is also loaded with loads of exciting features. Among these features includes a video screen that presents two ways for the player to win, with two being a regular spin and a wild spin. You can also try your luck with the bonus round, where you’ll be given one try with either coins or real money. The wild spin allows you to see how well you have done with predicting the number of times you’ve won on the regular spins.


Aside from its colorful graphics, this baby Wild Circus slot machine is loaded with features that allow you to improve your odds of winning. Features such as the three coin limit, the high score guarantee, the reset switch, the special emblem, the integrated virtual reel, the pop-up display, the virtual reel reels, the graphics customization, the video background, the track contour, the track layout, the bonus reel symbols, the slot machine user reference guide, the game menu, the online help, and the online user identification are only some of the many that you can find on this wonderful casino slot machine. With its thrilling graphics and sound, Wild Circus is certainly one hot hit in the world of casino slot games.

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