Win Escalator is a new theme based slot machine that comes from Cryptic Studios. The theme includes a beautiful casino type image with a classic fairytale theme. The theme is very nice and it would look great in any casino type environment. Win Escalator’s website is very nice and it even shows off some of the special features of this slot machine.


I am a big fan of video slots and I was really excited when I saw that Win Escalator had a video slot machine. When I played with the machine, I was very impressed with its graphics and sound quality. It really looked and sounded like a real slot machine and all the graphical effects were very nice. The bonus features of the machine were very impressive too. I was very happy to win a jackpot of $6200 upon winning my first spin with Win Escalator.


Right before the video slot game starts, there is a slide show which will display winning icons, symbols and coins. On the left of the slide show there are two buttons which start and stop the music. On the right side there is a menu button and a symbol button which change the colors of the cherries used in the game. The win icons change from red to pink and the icons used for the bonus features change from blue to green. This makes Win Escalator a very nice little slot machine that anyone can enjoy.

There are two types of progressive jackpots that you can win with the Win Escalator. The first one is the Standard Jackpot which is the biggest one of them all. The prize is worth much more than the smallest jackpot of them all which is the Free Spins Feature. You get to choose between two random number generators which are the Electronic Dots and the Scatter Reels. With the Scatter Reels you have the option of replaying a sequence of colors on the screen to increase your chances of winning.

There are two ways of playing with the Win Escalator. The first is where you bet the amount of coins you have in your pocket and then you select the number of faces on the left of the reel to place your bet. In this way you have to keep track of the amount of money you are betting and how many times you want to payout until your turn comes. When you have reached your minimum stake it will automatically close out your bet and you will be back at the starting line.

The other way to play is to win with real cash. You win when you hit the winning symbols. For each symbol that is paid out you get a new line and the amount of lines you can play with will decrease. This is an easy version of the classic slot machine game where you have to predict which numbers come up next. The Win Escalator offers some great modern features for those who enjoy the old games but its success has made it one of the most popular slot machines in Las Vegas.

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